Celebrate American Craft Beer

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Celebrate American Craft Beer

Last Monday we celebrated the workers of the United States who have made priceless contributions to American society, as we do the first Monday of every September. Since 1882, Labor Day has been a day to recognize the workforce that has created a thriving economy and a country that offers its citizens the highest standard of living in the world.

Craft Beer and the American Economy

Craft beer has made a remarkable resurgence in recent years in America. Though beer consumption is down, breweries are growing, and in less than a decade, brewery workers grew by huge numbers, more than doubling in size. While it used to be that Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors owned nearly every craft beer option in America, that is all changing. Suddenly the market is flooded with hundreds of craft beer options and microbreweries are popping up in every city. The craft brewing industry added almost $80 billion to the economy in 2017 and at least 500,000 new jobs. The expansion of the craft brewery industry is a boon for beer lovers and job seekers, alike.

It's not just the job forecast that these popular breweries are helping. New craft breweries are emerging all over the United States in tired and rundown parts of cities. This helps revitalize sleepy, forgotten districts and encourages new businesses to come in. What's more, these hip craft breweries increase tourism for beer lovers stopping in to check out a local ale. Some breweries partner with food trucks to provide locals with a complete night out, sometimes with live music and trivia nights.

American Craft Beer

There are a number of distinctly American beers with which to celebrate the accomplishments of our country. At your neighbor's barbecue, enjoy a refreshing American lager, cold, crisp, and easy to drink. Consider a Cream Ale, though not creamy, this ale is similar to a kölsch, light-bodied and cold fermented. The famous American Pale Ale was created in 1980 by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, and it is still used as a benchmark standard for craft breweries today. One of the most popular beers in America, American Pale Ales are refreshing and hoppy, but incredibly drinkable due to enough malt for balance. For a glass of something rich and caramelly, pour an American brown ale, similar to English beer styles but with added hoppiness.

Whether it be Labor Day or any other day of the week, enjoy an American craft beer to celebrate American hard work and ingenuity. You've earned it.


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