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General terms & conditions


By accessing or using the Edina Liquor rewards program (the “Program”) you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by these terms of use (the “Terms”). If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not utilize the Program.

General Terms

  1. The Edina Liquor Rewards Program is offered at the sole discretion of the City of Edina (the “City”), which operates the Edina Municipal Liquor Stores (“Edina Liquor”) pursuant to the authority of Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 340A.
  2. All interpretations of these Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of the City of Edina.
  3. Only legal residents of the United States, of legal age to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages pursuant to Minnesota state law are eligible to join the Program.
  4. Enrollment in the Program becomes effective when an individual successfully enrolls in the Program. No individual is successfully enrolled in the Program until they have been notified by Edina Liquor that their requested Membership has been activated.
  5. In the event that an ineligible individual is enrolled in the Program, they will not be paid any benefits or other consideration under the Program and will forfeit all credit thereunder. In the event that Edina Liquor determines an ineligible individual has enrolled in the Program, their account shall be closed without noticing the account holder.
  6. The Program has no predetermined termination date and may continue in perpetuity until Edina Liquor or the City terminates the Program. Such termination may occur at any time, and with or without notice to Program participants.
  7. The City of Edina reserves the sole right to add, modify, delete, or otherwise change these Terms, or any of the rules, procedures, conditions, rewards, or points pertaining to the Program, at its sole discretion, with or without notice to Program participants. In the event such changes alter or diminish the value of previously accrued benefits, Program participants shall be entitled to no compensation, other than the new value of their Program benefits pursuant to such changes.
  8. City of Edina Employees within the Liquor Operations Division” are not eligible to join this Program.
  9. There is no cost to join the Program. Program membership entitles Program participants the ability to earn Program points (“Points”) which can be redeemed on instore purchases.
  10. Program participants may not transfer Points between accounts.
  11. Points cannot be combined, sold, or otherwise transferred between Program participants, for consideration or otherwise.
  12. The City of Edina reserves the right to discontinue membership for anyone member of the Program for any reason which the City of Edina deems appropriate.
  13. Termination of a Program participant’s membership in the Program shall not serve as limitation or waiver of any additional remedies available to Edina Liquor or the City including, but not limited to, criminal and/or civil prosecution.
  14. Program participant’s accounts which remain inactive, in the sole discretion of Edina Liquor (e.g., which are not used when making a purchase, etc.) for over one year may be terminated.
  15. The City of Edina incurs no liability for ensuring that Points totals reflected on any Program participant’s account are accurate. Further, the City of Edina is not responsible for providing Program participant’s with an accounting of their Points.
  16. Edina Liquor and the City are not liable for any third-party access to Program participant’s information in the event that account information is accessed by a third party.
  17. The City of Edina is not liable for refunding or replacing any Points which are used by an unauthorized party, lost, expired, or which fail to be credited to a Program participant’s account.
  18. Program participants are responsible for contacting Edina Liquor, in writing, to notify Edina Liquor of any changes of the Program participant’s personal information.
  19. By enrolling in the Program, each Program participant agrees to provide their email address to Edina Liquor and the City of Edina. Each Program participant further consents to receive emails from Edina Liquor.
  20. In the event that any Program Participant wishes not to receive email communications from Edina Liquor, the City of Edina, or their agents and assigns, the Program participant shall notify Edina Liquor in writing. The City of Edina will ensure that such Program participant is removed from the applicable distribution lists within 90 days of such written request.
  21. If any provision of these Terms is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be contrary to law, such provision shall be changed and interpreted so as to best accomplish the objectives of the original provision to the fullest extent allowed by law and the remaining provisions of these Terms shall remain in full force and effect.
  22. These Terms shall be governed under the laws of the State of Minnesota without regard to its conflicts of law provisions. All actions or proceedings arising out of or relating to these Terms shall be venued exclusively in state or federal court in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You hereby irrevocably consent and submit to the personal jurisdiction of said courts for all such purposes.
  23. These Terms contain the entire understanding and agreement between you and us with respect to the Program and supersede all previous communications, negotiations and agreements, whether oral, written, or electronic between you and us with respect to the Program.
  24. EXHIBIT E CITY OF EDINA DATA PRACTICES ADVISORY (TENNESSEN WARNING) Some or all of the information that you are asked to provide on the attached form is classified by state law as either private, nonpublic, confidential or protected nonpublic. Private data is information which generally cannot be given to the public but can be given to the subject of the data. Confidential data is information which generally cannot be given to either the public or the subject of the data. Our purpose and intended use of this information is: for marketing and training purposes internally. This information will provide insights to our purchasing and promotional programs to provide a better quality of service to our customers. You are not legally required to provide this information. If you refuse to supply the information, the following may happen: Will not be eligible for Edina Liquor Rewards.